Crossover Symmetry

This system will take your game to a new and exciting level!

My personal experience with Crossover Symmetry began in 2007 when I was with the Miami Marlins. After losing most of the 2007 season due to injury, my daily / weekly / monthly routine during rehab involved this system.  Not only did I come back at the end of the year stronger and more knowledgable, but it helped me create the proper routine for my arm. Crossover Symmetry's user friendly design made it easy and enjoyable to target the shoulder muscles that were constantly being ignored.

This detailed and structured routine really helped me both physically and mentally through the vigorous rehabillitation process, as well as the seasonal grind of 160 games. To this day I use this product and introduce it to all of my clients. I totally recommend this system to anyone who wants to reduce the risk of injury, increase velocity, and increase their durability throughout the seasons to come!

If you are interested in this product please contact meas I am an area distributor!

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